China Has Stolen The Personal Data Of 80% Of American Adults: Report : worldnews

I cant say much, but one of the methods is a very simple one – by mails. Lets say you have 3TBs of data that need to get transferred. Just shove it to a disk drive and ship it across the globe. Nobody will notice and if somebody stumbles into one, its garbage because you can encrypt it. A more “express” derivative of this method is shipping via diplomatic channel, nobody can touch your goods. It beats your average internet speed by a lot. But you need to have operatives does the dirty work directly, not just sitting in a basement half across the world.

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The United States Smuggled A Russian-Made Pantsir Air Defense System Out Of Libya: Report : worldnews

Sure, a widely exported system wouldn't be hard to come by anyway?

to take a look at it, not really, but to absolutely take it apart into nuts and bolts. I mean the UAE have it. This is believed to be a UAE system, the same UAE that F-35 is / was sold

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