Romania bans Chinese companies from participating in highway and railway tenders. : worldnews

The memorandum does not specifically provide for the exclusion of Chinese companies from auctions, but rather companies from third countries that have no agreements to enter the European public auction market, but China is one of those countries, according to

May be a translation mistake, but what is the European public auction market?

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Stolen First Editions by Galileo, Newton Discovered Beneath Floor in Romania : worldnews

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According to a Metropolitan Police Service statement, the 200 books stolen included first editions of works by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, scientist Sir Isaac Newton and Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

Per the statement, police discovered the trove of books-neatly wrapped and buried in a cement pit-beneath a house in Neam?, a county in eastern Romania, last Wednesday.

The collection of stolen manuscripts belonged to three separate book dealers, reports Victoria Ward for the Telegraph.

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Rare books stolen in London heist found under floor in Romania : worldnews

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Rare books worth more than £2.5m that were stolen from a warehouse in west London in a daring Mission Impossible-style heist have been found buried under the floor of a house in rural Romania.

The books were stolen from a postal transit warehouse in Feltham in January 2017 en route to a specialist book auction in Las Vegas.

After the trials of most of the men involved in the case, who were tracked down after a DNA sample, which had escaped the clean-up, was found on a headrest in the car, the books were eventually tracked down to Neamt in north-east Romania.

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