Scottish Parliament to hold vote on Unexplained Wealth Order into Donald Τrump’s finances

The shocking part about this story isn’t that the Scottish gov’t hasn’t yet voted on this, but rather that this is at least the third fucking time Sturgeon has to be pushed to do this by members of her gov’t.

What the F is she waiting for

If Trump fraudulently acquired the properties, or used them to launder money, then seize them and sell them.

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Scottish nationalists lay groundwork for second independence referendum : worldnews

The Scots voted 55-45% against independence in a 2014 referendum, but Brexit and the UK government's handling of the COVID-19 crisis have bolstered support for the SNP. Most polls show that a majority are now in favor of breaking up.

A poll published on the Times website on Saturday found another potential threat to the UK's future. 51% of Northern Irish voters were in favor of a referendum on their future within the next five years, compared with 44% who are against.

Support for a United Ireland is 42%, according to surveys, compared to 47% who oppose Northern Ireland leaving the UK.

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More than 52,000 fish were either killed or escaped during a “major” seal attack at a Scottish salmon farm. The incident, which took place on New Year’s Eve, saw seals rip open nets and kill “many” juvenile fish adding to the hundreds of thousands of salmon killed by seals in Scotland last year. : worldnews

So we overfished the ocean where these seals usually find their prey. Then we set up farms with netting that isn’t seal-proof. And when the seals attack, suddenly we are angry at the seals? The whole article ranted about not having better methods for dealing with the seals.

You know what we do about crop loss here? It’s known that we will lose about 10% of our corn, pumpkins, etc to deer, raccoons, etc. So… we plant more than 10% extra and let the animals take what they need. Seems fair since our farms have taken over much of the land where deer foraged.

If the seals are so hungry they’re tearing up fish farms to eat, maybe it’s time to think about restoring the natural fish populations.

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