NATO is furious at Trump delaying the military handover to Biden while ‘there’s a significant security situation underway with Iran that could explode at any time’ : worldnews

This is more serious than it seems because if Iran is able to overcome yet another hostage crisis, for example by turning our own government in Baghdad against us and threatening our embassy there, Biden will become just another Jimmy Carter. Iraq has escaped us for years, and its own parliament has democratically passed a law calling for us to leave. The increasingly chaotic situation on the lower Arabian Peninsula is of no avail.

Although Biden is a diplomat at heart, he will not go down like Carter, especially since his own experience with Iran-Contra tells him to always fight against and prevent backdoor deals between hostile foreign governments and presidential candidates. Likewise, the US military is far better prepared and ready to bomb its allies to rescue Americans stuck in the green zone. Israel is ready to do its part and turn this into a permanently unfixable situation (more than it is today). Let's hope it doesn't come to that, or that someone sensible (e.g. the EU or maybe just France) steps in, as NATO is supposedly an alliance of friends and not just an appendix to the US military.

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Around the world, people yearn for significant change rather than a return to a “pre-COVID normal”. The survey of more than 21,000 adults from 27 countries finds that 72% would prefer their life to change significantly rather than go back to how it was before the COVID-19 crisis started. : worldnews

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