Reality ‘Starting to Sink In,’ Says McKibben, After European Investment Bank Chief Admits ‘Gas Is Over’ : worldnews

If you want evidence of how biased CommonDreams is, check out the comments by EurActiv, and compare them to the quote at the very top of the article by Greenpeace EU.

EA quote:

The EU aims to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and is expected to adopt a new carbon reduction target of -55% for 2030. However, gas has remained a grey area, with the  European Commission saying it will still be needed to help coal-reliant EU member states transition away from fossil fuels.

Quote at the top of the article:

There’s nothing clean about gas—it’s not a ‘transition fuel’ or a ‘bridge fuel,’ it’s a dirty fossil fuel just like coal and oil,” said Greenpeace EU.

These two quote are not analogous. New oil and gas ventures are dead, but the existing ones will remain for a while as we transition to carbon neutral energy. IE … gas is a transition fuel. That is the reality no matter how much Greenpeace and CommonDreams try to will their alternative narritive into existence.

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Germany to go into national lockdown starting Wednesday until January 10 : worldnews

It's been tough for small businesses, but missing out on Christmas sales? That's a deep cut.

I honestly hope that the government actually provides sufficient aid to the economy. I mean, I've worked in retail before and I know that "At least we still have Christmas business" is the mantra of every shitty year you've had sales.

But if you put that aside, it really sucks how we bounced back. My town was doing so well during the initial lockdown. And now we're actually one of the worst places around because everyone stopped fucking. And that's exactly what will happen at some point: people will stop fucking. Either we get these vaccines quickly or we might as well stop and just admit that we failed. Because I don't see any further lockdown. It's now or never.

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China’s Hainan province bans the production, sale and use of disposable plastic products starting December 1st : worldnews

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HAIKOU: Disposable plastic bags and tableware that are non-degradable have been banned from production, sale and use starting Tuesday in China’s island province of Hainan.

Starting in August, the province launched a pilot programme on phasing out single-use non-degradable plastic products in places such as Party and government organizations, state-owned enterprises, schools, tourist attractions, big supermarkets and hospitals.

China in January released a plan to ban or significantly reduce the production and use of environmentally-unfriendly plastic products in the next five years to contain pollution.

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Cash-strapped Oman plans income tax on wealthy starting 2022

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Cash-strapped Oman plans to take a step unheard of in the Persian Gulf region: It’s going to start taxing the income of wealthy individuals beginning in 2022, as part of a broader program to tackle a budget deficit that’s ballooned due to low oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic.

All of the region’s monarchies will be forced to impose “Some kind of income taxes eventually” because they are unable to make the current financial model work permanently, said David B. Roberts, an assistant professor at King’s College London who studies the Gulf.

Often deemed the weakest link in the region, Oman’s debt surged to 60% of GDP last year.

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