Deadliest Israeli airstrikes on Syria in years kill 57, say observers : worldnews

It says here that it was with the US arrangement

Deir Al-Zor: Images showing the removal of debris and corpses from the military security building in the center of the city of Deir Ezzor, which is under the control of the Assad government, after several Israeli raids on the government's sites and theirs Government targeted militia today at dawn

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At least 387 people working in media around world imprisoned by December 1 of this year, German office of press freedom NGO Reporters Without Borders announced in annual report Monday. China led pack with 117 jailed journalists, followed by Saudi Arabia (34), Egypt (30), Vietnam (28) and Syria (27). : worldnews

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Since the global coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier this year, over 130 members of the press, journalists and others, have been arrested for reporting on the crisis.

Her colleague Sylvie Ahrens-Urbanek highlighted a particular example of reprisals for reporting on the coronavirus pandemic – the case of investigative journalist Hopewell Chin & # 39; ono from Zimbabwe who was arrested for selling overpriced COVID-19 Drugs reported by the government.

Although most of them were released after a short period of time, crackdown on journalists has restricted press freedom.

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