Biden team says won’t lift Europe, Brazil travel restrictions despite Trump order : worldnews

This travel ban is incredibly frustrating.

Yes, there is a pandemic happening and travel should be restricted. However, blanket travel bans with no exemptions have implications as well. Personally, my fiancé lives in the UK, and has been barred from the US since March. Other than travelling to the UK (still risky international travel), there’s no way around this separation. I’m not the only one; there have been various groups of separated families/partners arguing for travel exemptions.

Figured I’d throw my own two cents in. There’s a ton of talk about mental health, but it’s hard to take care of yourself when you can’t live your life with any degree of joy with the people you love.

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A research team has uncovered striking image of a pig in a limestone cave in Indonesian province of South Sulawesi. The image has been dated to at least 45,500 years old, which would make it the oldest human rock art on record. : worldnews

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The discovery of what is possibly the oldest rock artwork cataloged to date could point the way to even older art made by the ancient people who traveled through the Indonesian archipelago thousands of years ago.

"Petroglyphs made in limestone caves can sometimes be dated using uranium series analysis of calcium carbonate deposits (or 'cave popcorn') that naturally form on the cave wall surface used as 'canvas' for art will ", said Professor Aubert.

Professor Brumm said that as they dated progressively older cave art in and around the Indonesian archipelago, they would reinforce the evidence that rock art is a piece of cultural heritage that has been passed on for thousands of years when people made their first epic journey into the unknown.

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Two members of WHO team blocked from entering China over failed coronavirus antibody test : worldnews

Lol, it’s been the bad foreigners for months even though they aren’t permitted in but the Chinese from abroad go back and forth….

Seems like a good reason to kick black people out of their homes and deny them service everywhere, even if they had been in country for years 😛

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