Thai court hands out record 43-year jail term for insulting king

For context: the Thai monarchy is entirely ceremonial. Protestors have been calling for reforms to end corruption, including a demand to end lese majeste which is often abused by politicians to silence opposition. The King himself didn’t press these charges (not that he isn’t a piece of sh-).

The woman who was sentenced is in her 60s – a generation that isn’t part of the reform movement – for merely sharing a post made by someone else. She’s losing her pension and spending the rest of her life in jail. This sentence was meant to terrorize the protesters into silence. It has nothing to do with the King.

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Food, drink banned on domestic Thai flights to keep passengers masked : worldnews

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Jan. 2 – As of Friday, domestic flights in Thailand will no longer allow eating or drinking to ensure passengers are masked at all times to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Thai Civil Aviation Authority said.

Public reading materials other than security cards will be removed from domestic flights.

The longest domestic flights within Thailand can take up to two hours, from the northern city of Chiang Mai in the north to Phuket Island and the southern resort of Krabi.

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