China spreading conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was created in US lab and Pfizer vaccine is killing elderly : worldnews

Better still, as an effective totalitarian regime, they can easily order people to do the thing while the West has to ask their people to take it seriously.

And if Crusader Kings taught me anything, let the plague wash through your land early and quickly, and by the time your enemies manage to handle it when it is in full swing, you will be on your feet again and beat them up.

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Israel to give 5,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the Palestinians to immunize front-line medical workers : worldnews

Israel has the world's fastest adoption of the vaccine with 42% of the population vaccinated a week ago. Not a single Palestinian received the vaccination. Now they are beating the drum to say they are going to kick some Palestinian front workers. Well whoopdie-fucking-doo.

The pa said at the start of the pandemic that they will get their own vaccine. They never officially asked Israel to get its vaccine. In fact, they didn't ask about the vaccine here either, as Israel's action is one-sided.

and yes, no non-citizen of Israel has received the vaccine, how is that surprising? Israeli Arabs receive the vaccine like any other Israeli

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Just 0.04% of Israelis caught COVID-19 after two shots of Pfizer vaccine : worldnews

A total of 371 of 715,425 Israelis who died at least a week after receiving two doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine have contracted the virus – 0.04%, of which 16 were hospitalized, according to a Health Department report released Thursday . Immunity to COVID-19 is expected to kick in a week after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. According to the studies conducted by Pfizer, the vaccine had an effectiveness of around 95% which is considered to be very high. The Israeli data seem to confirm the effectiveness of the vaccination and show an even more promising result. Later that day, Maccabi Healthcare Services – one of the country's four health organizations – released the first results of its members' vaccination campaign. The organization also compared the data with a control group that was not vaccinated

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Vaccines Have Saved 37 Million Children’s Lives Since 2000. Over the lifetime of those born between 2000 and 2030, the findings reveal 120 million deaths will be averted by vaccination, of which 96 million will be saved by the measles vaccine and the hepatitis vaccine together.

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