Philippines protests China green light for its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels : worldnews

When has Australia fired on foreign ships?

The problem here is that china claims water that’s already legally claimed by other nations, who are also trying to deal with chinese fishing fleets. This raises the chance of a shootout because one country is removing illegal fishing boats from what is considered their territory by everyone except China.

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COVID Linked To Inflammation And Damaged Blood Vessels In The Brain

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Has anyone had any “Long COVID” experiences or know someone who has? Seem to be documented to a degree but there’s still a massive focus on the primary symptoms of the virus

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Seafaring slavery aboard Chinese vessels in the Indo-Pacific : worldnews

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Video footage went viral in May showing bodies of dead Indonesian fishermen thrown overboard Chinese fishing vessels, specifically from Long Xing 629, a high-sea boat of the Dalian Ocean Fishing Company.

Over the course of the year, separate incidents of alleged forced labour, trafficking, disappearances and killings aboard Chinese fishing vessels around the region instigated an array of political and social responses, from intergovernmental accusations, recruiter charges, vessel seizures, bi-lateral investigations and media coverage.

As the largest distant-water fishing power on the planet, China’s fishing fleets have the highest rates of forced fishing labour, often in tandem with illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing.

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Norway says it could block EU, British fishing vessels from Jan 1 : worldnews

Norway, which is not part of the EU but part of the European single market, had previously negotiated annually with the bloc about the management of common fish stocks, access to each other's waters and the exchange of fish quotas.

This had to change after Great Britain left the EU. The UK completed its departure from EU orbit on December 31.

On one specific point – the management of North Sea fish that swim between EU, Norway and UK waters – Oslo wants a trilateral agreement. And these negotiations have not started yet.

"If we do not reach an agreement by January 1st, we will not open Norway's commercial fishing zones to ships from the EU and Great Britain," Ingebrigtsen told Parliament.

"Nor can we expect Norwegian ships to have access to their zones (EU and UK) before an agreement is reached."

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