Google says Street View maps algorithm error blurred out Hong Kong protest graffiti aimed at Xi Jinping : worldnews

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Google has told HKFP that an algorithm error led to some protest graffiti in Hong Kong being blurred out its updated Street View Map.

“Our automatic blurring technology aims to blur faces and license plates so they can’t be identified, but it looks like we didn’t get it right in this instance,” a representative for Google wrote in an email response to HKFP. Further south on Nathan Road, an instance of graffiti reading “Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times” was also blurred out.

The search engine giant updated its Street View of Hong Kong to include pictures taken last October when the city was gripped by months of demonstrations, initially over an ill-fated bill that would have allowed fugitive transfers to mainland China.

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Fewer Canadians Hold a Positive View of the United States – Research Co. : worldnews

I mean any positive view you’d have of the US would be just tribal to begin with, you’re talking about a country that actively rejects your sovereignty over the north west passage, actively discourages the build up of an arctic fleet, and puts tariffs on any of your products that have any chance of out competing their corporations, from lumber to fucking planes, not to mention how many god damn wars has the US started in the last 50 years, and which ones did they try to drag canada into

Why would any self respecting canadian ever have a positive view of the US

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