Two lesbians attacked while counter-protesting an anti-LGBTQ demonstration, The women were protesting with a sign that said, “It takes more than heterosexuality to be a good parent,” until men wearing masks surrounded them and it turned violent. : worldnews

Two young lesbian activists claim they were attacked while holding signs for LGBTQ near an anti-LGBTQ demonstration. Now they are filing a criminal complaint.

On January 19, the anti-LGBTQ organization Le Manif Pour Tous (“Protest for All”, LMPT) held nationwide demonstrations in France to protest a bill that could legalize fertility treatments for lesbian couples and single women. The ability of LGBTQ people to become parents is one of the most hotly contested LGBTQ problems in France.

In the western French city of Angers, two 21-year-old lesbians decided to protest against the protest. They held signs that read "It takes more than heterosexuality to be a good parent" and "Lesbians can be mothers without fathers".

"We heard about their small demonstration," one of the young activists told Ouest-France and tried to get close to the demonstrators with their signs. But two men who appeared to be against the LMPT protest against LGBTQ allegedly blocked the women on the street.

"While we were running, one of them gave us a shoulder squeeze," said one of the women. "They told us they wouldn't let us pass."

"He pushed me and took my mark," said the other woman. “I raised my arm to grab him back and he gave me a hard squeeze. Adèle started yelling that two women were attacked in the middle of the street, but the people who passed didn't even respond. "

One of the men tore open the sign, took my left arm and held me in an arm lock with his arm behind my back. Then I heard it crack. "

The two men then released her and ran away. "They told us we shouldn't exist," said one of the alleged victims. And then they saw four men in ski masks walking towards them. LMPT protesters often wear full face masks disguising their faces, and they did so years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They surrounded us and one of the boys attacked me. He threw me off balance about ten meters from the demonstration, ”she said. Security came to break up the group and asked the women to leave.

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Italy targets violent clan in biggest mafia trial in decades : worldnews

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Many of the accused are white-collar workers, including lawyers, accountants, businesspeople, local politicians and policemen, who chief prosecutor Nicola Gratteri says willingly aided the ‘Ndrangheta in building its crime empire.

“In the last two years we have seen a surge in lawsuits from oppressed entrepreneurs and citizens, victims of usury, people who for years have lived under the threats of the ‘Ndrangheta,” said the prosecutor, who has spent more than 30 years fighting the mob.

Gratteri said he expected the trial would take a year to complete, with the court due to sit six days a week.

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India now a ‘dangerous and violent space for Muslims’, report says : worldnews

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Religion makes the world safer and happier

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