Third world war a risk in wake of pandemic, says UK defence chief

Both world wars were not started by desperation, but rather by the attacker's belief that they could win against everyone else.

I don't doubt that individual conflicts could arise in desperate conditions, but a World War II conflict is an intentional occurrence. Look at Armenia – Azerbaijan: Turkey, Russia and others could get involved, but they don't want to.

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Pakistani Politician And Islamic Scholar Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi Calls On Pakistani Government To Use The Atom Bomb, In The Wake Of The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Affair : worldnews

Obama said the thing that kept him up most at night was knowing Pakistan has nuclear bombs. This is a country on verge of being blacklisted by the FATF for terrorism and has access to weapons of mass distraction. It’s why he had to do the raid on Bin Laden without notifying Pakistani officials because they would have helped bin Laden escape.

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