Scottish Parliament to hold vote on Unexplained Wealth Order into Donald Τrump’s finances

The shocking part about this story isn’t that the Scottish gov’t hasn’t yet voted on this, but rather that this is at least the third fucking time Sturgeon has to be pushed to do this by members of her gov’t.

What the F is she waiting for

If Trump fraudulently acquired the properties, or used them to launder money, then seize them and sell them.

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The combined wealth of 10 men increased during the coronavirus pandemic by $540bn (£400bn), Oxfam has found. This amount would be enough to prevent everyone in the world from falling into poverty because of the virus and pay for a vaccine for all, the NGO said. : worldnews

Just last week the Fed printed $ 396 billion. This is an increase in shareholder wealth (these 10 wealthy people got richer due to the increase in stock value) due to money pressures. The current state financial system (central bank) causes the rich to get richer while the poor are left behind.

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