India blocks mobile internet at sites of farmers’ protest. India blocked mobile internet services in several areas surrounding Delhi on Saturday as protesting farmers began a one-day hunger strike after a week of clashes with authorities that left one dead and hundreds injured. : worldnews

The other person corrected you, and you’re right, its hard to know which mainstream Indian news sources are biased if you’re not familiar.

I’d recommend following some social media activists (you can start with or sikhexpo if you don’t have Indian friends) and see what news sources they’re sharing to see what the other side is.

India’s free media rating is very low. The fact that they said the Nishan Sahib was the khalastani flag is an egregious error, one that only the trashiest newspapers would usually be able to get away with where there is more free media. Unfortunately sikhs only make up 2% of the population and a lot of Indians won’t know the difference so they spread this news.

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Puerto Rico has declared a state of emergency over its deep-rooted problem of violence against women, creating new measures that activists have demanded for years to battle a deadly tide. The US territory sustains a high levels of violence that on average results in one woman’s death per week : worldnews

Most of the Spanish countries are like this, but the main reasons are the same: government officials steal money for themselves and this leaves a service deficit that keeps everyone poor. Here in the US, this was one of the reasons the FBI was formed and PR statehood would give the FBI the ability to build a capable PR police force.

Why men are evil is because most of them are illiterate (by US standards) on the border and power has been sporadic over the past year. Gasoline is expensive, and the rest of Spanish society regards them as subhuman mutt and servants of the Anglo-Empire. It's hot, it's humid, and the storms get worse every year. The island's nuclear reactor and associated workplaces and laboratory closed in 2007. The great radio telescope collapsed even though it was closed for years and the smart people were already leaving. All railways except the San Juan Metro are abandoned. Most of the factories are gone or are still little sweatshirts relying on a terrible home industry. The government has the same structure as it has been since 1900.

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Telegram says it ‘shut down hundreds of public calls for violence’ in US last week : worldnews


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12 workers trapped week ago in China mine blast are alive : worldnews

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BEIJING – Chinese state media say 12 out of 22 workers trapped in a gold mine by an explosion for a week are alive as hundreds of rescuers try to get them to safety.

China's mining industry has a reputation for bypassing safety requirements in the face of massive demand for coal and valuable minerals, although increased surveillance has reduced the frequency of accidents, which claim an average of 5,000 miners a year.

In two accidents in the southwest mega-city of Chongqing last year, 39 miners were killed, prompting the central government to order another safety overhaul.

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