World facing ‘catastrophic’ temperature rise this century. “We are headed for a catastrophic temperature rise of 3-5 [degrees Celsius] this century … making peace with nature is the defining task of the 21st century. It must be the top priority,” Guterres said : worldnews

I’ve got science and economics degrees, I’ve worked in air & noise pollution, currently in solar and am doing post-grad environmental science, so I think I speak with a measure of credibility on the matter.

You lot can do what you want, I’m taking to the streets once the Pandemic is over for peaceful civil disobedience. This can’t go on any more. I’m Australian, my government is one of the worst of the lot, and my country stands to be one of the hardest hit by Climate Change.

You’ve seen how poorly most governments have handled a virus; they have absolutely no plans to control environmental breakdown and this system will not correct itself. Only stopping the economy from working will get it through their heads.

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The other virus that worries Asia. The death rate for Nipah virus is up to 75% and it has no vaccine. While the world focuses on Covid-19, scientists are working hard to ensure it doesn’t cause the next pandemic. : worldnews

There probability of a virus with a 75% death rate spreading like covid is tiny. One of the reasons Covid is so dangerous is specifically because of it’s death rate, and therefore it’s ability to spread. I’d be much more concerned with a virus that has a 10% death rate than this one.

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