Romania bans Chinese companies from participating in highway and railway tenders. : worldnews

The memorandum does not specifically provide for the exclusion of Chinese companies from auctions, but rather companies from third countries that have no agreements to enter the European public auction market, but China is one of those countries, according to

May be a translation mistake, but what is the European public auction market?

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Twitter helps govt block accounts tweeting on farmer protests. : worldnews

Tweet about peasant protests.

I am just saying. There is a clear difference between "tweeting about peasant protests" and spreading bullshit like "Modi plans peasant genocide". I'm not saying blocking these accounts was the right thing to do, but the difference between “tweeting on protests” and spreading horseshit like genocide scare tactics shouldn't be promoted by prominent media figures, even by using freedom of expression as an excuse. Free speech does not mean the freedom to incite violence.

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China spreading conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was created in US lab and Pfizer vaccine is killing elderly : worldnews

Better still, as an effective totalitarian regime, they can easily order people to do the thing while the West has to ask their people to take it seriously.

And if Crusader Kings taught me anything, let the plague wash through your land early and quickly, and by the time your enemies manage to handle it when it is in full swing, you will be on your feet again and beat them up.

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Indian government builds cement barrigates around Protesting farmers to choke water and food supplies : worldnews

This Modi government is as corrupt as it comes. The government is privatizing everything I have no problem with, but selling it to friends for a few cents for a dollar. These billionaires get richer while the poor lose all protection. Meanwhile, the cheering supporters are worse than the MAGA henchmen

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Thousands of Orthodox Jews violate lockdown to attend funeral of prominent rabbi killed by coronavirus : worldnews

Hateful? Yes. Pretty normal for Redditors when people do something really stupid.

Racist? What race are we talking about here?

Anti-Semitism? May be. Most of what I saw was, "The members of this particular brand of this particular religion don't follow their own rules, let alone follow others." I haven't seen that this religion is bad or that people of this religion are less people. There's a possibility here, but I think it's marginal. It strikes me as "Those stupid religious nutcrackers". Which particular religion these particular nut jobs practice is controversial as I suspect the answers would be similar if a different religion were given.

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