Thousands of Brazilians have taken to the streets for a second day to call for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro : worldnews

Heh, it won’t happen. Bolsonaro’s approval is at a record low due to the combined crisis of the mutant Brazilian corona strain and the slow vaccination effort, but it’s still in the 26%-31% range depending on the poll. For sake of comparison, Dilma got to 9% until the Congress decided that ok, it was the right time to take the garbage out.

Also, he has been keeping the “CentrĂ£o” (Big Center) block happy in the Congress, and his enemy speaker of the house Rodrigo Maia is going out in a few days, probably to be replaced by Bolsonaro’s candidate, Arthur Lira – and Lira has already said that impeachment is a no-no.

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Hong Kong police officer gets 46 months jail for sexually assaulting 6 underage girls : worldnews

One of the most prominent HK protesters, Hong Kong Hermit, also has recently been exposed by a fellow HK protester as a serial pedophile.

This is the tweet where it all started

This is Hermit’s defense

You can judge it for yourself. It’s been consuming HK protest twitter the last few days. Most are taking Joxter’s stand but Hermit has defender as well.

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Police dismantle world’s ‘most dangerous’ criminal hacking network : worldnews

If you actually read the article you’d see that they’re referring to European police, not the American ones that are being criticized. But sure, make everything a way of showing how you deepthroat those murderous boots.

Edit: misread the article it was police from 8 countries including the US. I’m not taking this down though because people need to know that the criticism is of bad police officers and those that protect them not officers that do their jobs and actually prevent crimes.

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Child Environmentalist Receiving Death Threats in Colombia : worldnews

Because they’re unhinged, and their cousin who’s a 4th grade dropout, sent them a link on facebook about how “Climate change is a democratic hoax designed by George Soros and Hillary Clinton to take away our freedumb!” Or whatever equivalent Columbia has to these Qanon dipshits..

so they send death threats to environmentalists, including kids, in order to “stand up for their rights” because they’re too stupid to know how to take meaningful action in a nonviolent way.

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Humanity is still closer to apocalypse than ever, experts say : worldnews

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