Puerto Rico has declared a state of emergency over its deep-rooted problem of violence against women, creating new measures that activists have demanded for years to battle a deadly tide. The US territory sustains a high levels of violence that on average results in one woman’s death per week : worldnews

Most of the Spanish countries are like this, but the main reasons are the same: government officials steal money for themselves and this leaves a service deficit that keeps everyone poor. Here in the US, this was one of the reasons the FBI was formed and PR statehood would give the FBI the ability to build a capable PR police force.

Why men are evil is because most of them are illiterate (by US standards) on the border and power has been sporadic over the past year. Gasoline is expensive, and the rest of Spanish society regards them as subhuman mutt and servants of the Anglo-Empire. It's hot, it's humid, and the storms get worse every year. The island's nuclear reactor and associated workplaces and laboratory closed in 2007. The great radio telescope collapsed even though it was closed for years and the smart people were already leaving. All railways except the San Juan Metro are abandoned. Most of the factories are gone or are still little sweatshirts relying on a terrible home industry. The government has the same structure as it has been since 1900.

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For the First Time in 200 Years, a New Blue Pigment Is Up for Sale : worldnews

Just like the “structural blue” from Lexus, I think it is something that you have to see in-person to understand why it matters and even then it will be lost on a lot of people(probably myself included).

For those who don’t know about “structural blue”, it is a special edition paint that looks blue due to how it interacts with light and does not include anything blue. It is applied in a seven layer process(most cars use 1-2) and looks iridescent like the blue morpho butterfly that it is modeled after.

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