Climate Campaigners Say ‘Listen to the Science’ as New Study Shows Earth Now Warmer Than Any Time in Last 12,000 Years : worldnews

Nobody denies that the earth is warmer. The deniers claim this is part of the natural cycle of freezing.

Those who admit accelerated human warming are against the current plan of the Paris Accords. Many claim that it is more of an economic balance between countries than a reduction in CO2 emissions. They point out that India and China do not need to be scaled back as much as the larger countries.

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Climate crisis: world is at its hottest for at least 12,000 years – study

The consensus below scientist and Economists on CO2 pricing§ § Mitigating climate change is similar to the consensus among climatologists This human activity is responsible for global warming. Set the price upstream Wherever fossil fuels come onto the market, they are simple, easy to implement and bureaucratically lean. Return of the income as a fair dividend offsets any regressive effects of the tax (actually, ~ 60% of the public would receive more dividends than they pay taxes) and enables a higher price of carbon (the is what is important for climate protection) because The public is unwilling to pay anywhere near what is needed. Entry into force a Border tax would protect domestic companies from foreign producers who are not burdened with similar pollution taxes, and also Incentives for these countries to adopt their own. There is a carbon tax often related as the most effective climate protection policy.

Conservative estimates If we don't mitigate climate change, in 50 years we will cost 10% of GDP. from about now. In contrast, carbon taxes can actually be Boost GDP when the revenues are up returned to households as a fair dividend (the The poor tend to spend money when they have it, Which promotes economic growth) not to mention create jobs and save lives.

Taxing carbon is in every nation's own interest (it saves life at home) and Many nations have already started, Which can affect other countries. In poor countries The taxation of carbon is even progressive In front taking into account the use of smart revenue, because only the "rich" can even afford fossil fuels. We will not wean us off fossil fuels without a carbon tax;; the The longer we wait to take action, the more expensive it gets. Every year we shift the cost ~ $ 900 billion.

Carbon pricing is becoming increasingly popular. Six years ago, only 30% of the population supported a carbon tax. Two years ago, it was more than half (53%). Now, it's an overwhelming majority (73%) — and the is actually important for handing over an invoice. But We can no longer hope that others will solve this problem for us.

Build the political will for a liveable climate. Lobbying works, and you don't need a lot of money to be effective (although it helps Find out about effective tactics). If you're too busy to go through that free training, sign up for Text notifications participate in the monthly calling campaign (It works out) or set up a monthly reminder write a letter to your elected officials. According to NASA climatologist and climate activist Dr. James Hansenbecomes a active volunteer in the civil climate lobby is The most important thing you can do for climate change. Climate researchers Dr. Michael Mann calls his Carbon fee & dividend politics An example of the kind of visionary politics that is needed.

It's the smart thingand the IPCC report clarified Pricing is carbon necessary if we want to reach our 1.5ºC goal.

§ The IPCC (AR5, WGIII) Summary for Policy Makers States with "high confidence" that tax measures effectively decouple greenhouse gas emissions from GDP (see p. 28). CH. fifteen has a more complete discussion. The USA The National Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious scientific institutions in the world, has also called for a carbon tax. According to IMF researchMost of the $ 5.2 trillion subsidy for fossil fuels comes from non-taxing carbon, as we should. There is general agreement among economists on carbon taxes whether or not they are considering it Economist with expertise in climate economics, Economist with expertise in resource economics, or Economists from all industries. It is literally Econ 101. The idea won a Nobel Prize. Thanks to researchers at MIT, you can see for yourself how it compares to other mitigation guidelines Here.

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Japanese woman hid mother’s body in freezer for 10 years over fear of being evicted

I feel like I've read this story before and had to check the date.

Apparently, it is a widespread scandal in Japan as many adult children rely on the generous pensions of their 90-year-old parents and hide their deaths.

I wonder if the famous Japanese long life averages are real or complete fiction

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